A family-run agricultural enterprise specializing in organic farming

Located in the boreal zone, in Hébertville, within the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, TournevenT is an agricultural enterprise dedicated to organic production.

A true example of success in agricultural business succession, TournevenT has adopted a vertical integration model. In addition to cultivating 800 hectares under organic management, the company has integrated an agri-food processing component into its operations.


Since its creation in 2008, TournevenT has continuously innovated and carved out a niche in the organic and gluten-free product sector. Today, it cultivates several varieties of canola, industrial hemp, camelina, golden and brown flax, buckwheat, yellow soup peas, lentils, as well as garlic and its flower. In addition to its agricultural production, its facilities include a grain sorting and cleaning centre.


By cultivating its raw materials, TournevenT is able to offer products that meet high standards of quality and traceability. For producers Audrey Bouchard and Guillaume Dallaire, adding processing activities is part of a circular economy concept that aligns with TournevenT's values of sustainable development.




Family and team spirit