La Fraîche

Passionate about vegetarian cooking, a graduate in education, and a geek for everything related to nutrition and the environment, Eve-Lyne is the founder and editor-in-chief of La Fraîche, an online vegetarian magazine, and the author of two books: Mon récit culinaire en plus de 50 recettes (2018) and Dévorer les légumineuses (2022). Since 2016, she has been working in culinary creation purely for pleasure and with all her heart. Naturally curious, a self-taught chef, and a content creator, she shares and expresses her learnings, knowledge, and experiences without judgement, through the story of her journey towards vegetarianism and a healthy lifestyle. By sharing her recipes, values, and content, she aims to democratize intuitive vegetarian cooking and make it accessible to everyone.

Les Herbes du Lac

Rébéca Rouleau and Martin Harvey are at the head of several businesses. They have the pleasure of working with over 50 dedicated employees. They are passionate artisans of the development of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region. In 2014, they founded Les Herbes du Lac. Rébéca holds a Bachelor's degree in Agri-Food Economics and Management from Université Laval, and Martin holds a Bachelor's degree in Administration from Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. They have been a highly complementary business duo for 17 years.

Les Herbes du Lac produces 100,000 herb plants in more than 12 fresh and flavourful varieties using a specific and unique technology imported from Belgium. The product is distributed in over 125 points of sale throughout the province of Quebec. This superior quality product grows in a healthy environment at the heart of a family business.

The creation of this product is the result of a long-standing friendship between the two producers, Audrey Bouchard and Rébéca Rouleau. This collaboration led to the creation of a basil-infused hemp oil, unique in Canada. It is appreciated for its dark green colour and its refined and unique taste. It delights the taste buds and enlivens dishes.

Merci la Mie

The cooperative artisanal bakery Merci la mie, founded in March 2020 just before the pandemic, is a symbol of resilience and passion. The five founding members took over the operations of the late "Petit Pétrin" by purchasing the equipment and recruiting internationally to relaunch this essential business for our community. When migrations were halted, they produced the bread themselves to ensure the company's survival. Today, with Casimir Belleau, a young local artisan who returned from Montreal, the bakery aspires to become a reference in local and responsible organic baking.

Merci la mie offers delicious, organic, local, and responsible breads, supported by social economy values. Respect for life, enjoyment, local purchasing, solidarity, and transparency are at the heart of their mission. Their range includes certified organic sourdough breads, pastries, muesli, and crackers.

Their collaboration with Ferme TournevenT is a source of pride: TournevenT oil enriches their square breads (white and multigrain), and hemp, flax, canola, and camelina meal are incorporated into several breads, including the multigrain square "Le TournevenT." Their muesli is also made with regional grains, including hulled hemp, flax seeds, and canola oil from TournevenT. This alliance of authentic values and tastes serves our region and your health.

Ferme de l'Odyssée

Sébastien Angers, owner of Ferme de l’Odyssée, has been practising agriculture on his farm in Ste-Monique de Nicolet since 2007. A trained agronomist, he has developed innovative sustainable and regenerative farming practices aimed at optimizing soil health potential and helping the land regain its natural biodiversity. In his open-air laboratory, he tests a variety of cover crops to improve plant synergy. Sébastien Angers is also the first pumpkin seed grower in Quebec.

From this crop, a collaboration was born, resulting in the creation of a unique pumpkin seed oil in Quebec. This pumpkin seed oil is appreciated for its dark olive-orange colour and its delicate, refined fruity hazelnut taste.


Since 2017, Chanv, led by Marie-Ève Parenteau and Dany Lefebvre, has been a company that firmly believes in the power of hemp. This plant, cultivated for centuries, is only now becoming increasingly recognized in the skincare industry for its benefits, particularly for very sensitive skin. Guided by a vision as steady as the North Star, Chanv, founded in 2004, promotes the benefits of this often-misunderstood plant while supporting the local economy through collaborations with various Quebec farmers, and commits daily to the growth of its business.

The company's notable appearance on the show Dans l’œil du dragon in 2019 increased its visibility and appreciation. The year 2023 was synonymous with success for Chanv, as it accumulated numerous distinctions such as Industry 1 to 99 employees at the CCID Recognition Evening and START-UP of the Year 2023 at the Les Mercuriades Gala, in addition to having actress Catherine St-Laurent, known for her role as Noélie, as the brand's spokesperson and ambassador. These innovative products based on Chanv™ oil are attracting particular attention from Quebec merchants and are loved by consumers.

As a partner of TournevenT, Chanv perfectly embodies our commitment to sustainable agriculture and innovation.

Chez Boulay

Driven by the ambitious project of inventing a true Quebec bistronomy rooted in local flavours, Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand have surrounded themselves with a team of passionate restaurateurs. Together, they take on the challenge of knowing, obtaining, and showcasing the finest products of Quebec. Whether sourced from the boreal forest or exceptional producers, these products replace those from elsewhere with flair, thanks to an inventive approach marked by curiosity and innovation.

Le Comptoir Boréal offers a selection of sandwiches, salads, and sweet delights that share a common mission: to make the flavours of Quebec's terroir accessible. Maple syrup, sunflower or camelina seeds, sea buckthorn, haskap, maple, forest nuts, buckwheat, Labrador tea, and juniper berries: the abundance of now-valued local products allows for the reinvention of classics.

A "grocery" corner provides privileged access to many favourite products from Chez Boulay: oils, boreal spices, and various condiments.

Artisans at Work

The Artisans at Work experience is about discovering a trade or practice rooted in enduring know-how that has evolved over time. It’s about having a privileged encounter with a passionate artisan. This means living an enriching and authentic experience in an ÉCONOMUSÉE®, a HERITAGE SPACE, a CULINARY SPACE, a WORKSHOP, a BOUTIQUE, or a DESTINATION. In addition to offering an authentic experience, the member artisans of the network design and market products from the arts or agri-food sectors. Visitors thus have the chance to enhance their experience by purchasing local products made by the Artisans at Work.\n\nFerme TournevenT, committed to sharing its expertise and passion for sustainable agriculture, is proud to announce that it will soon be opening an oilers ÉCONOMUSÉE®. This new space will allow visitors to discover the history, techniques, and secrets of artisanal oil production at the farm. Curious individuals will be able to immerse themselves in the tradition of oil making, explore the different stages of production, and taste high-quality local products.

Chocolats Rose Élisabeth

Since 2010, Chocolats Rose Élisabeth has been crafting chocolates with the flavours and colours of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region. The company is dedicated to showcasing local products in their chocolate recipes, perfectly embodying the values of locavorism. Under the direction of Élisabeth Duchesne, the company offers a wide range of chocolates and cakes, combining artisanal expertise with high-quality local ingredients.

The collaboration with Ferme TournevenT has led to the creation of unique and refined products. Chocolats Rose Élisabeth uses canola oil for their pralines and makes a delicious spread with organic hemp from Ferme TournevenT. This partnership illustrates their shared commitment to authentic and environmentally respectful products.

À Chacun Son Pain

In 2004, Anik Roy and Jean-Christophe Lamontagne settled in the Charlevoix region. Inspired by the magnificent nature and motivated by the desire to showcase the region's products, the couple developed their expertise in artisanal baking. At À Chacun Son Pain, only whole organic grains cultivated by local farmer partners are used. These grains are milled in the region on ancestral stones.

Thanks to a proven method that respects local foods and traditions, À Chacun Son Pain produces and delivers 20,000 loaves per week without compromising on environmental respect or ingredient quality. The bread is made according to the principles of organic artisanal baking.

This ancestral method preserves the germ and the best attributes of the grain. It retains the numerous antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are otherwise lost during industrial processing. This technique allows the creation of whole breads with a unique character and a more pronounced crust.

Nearly 10 years after starting their ovens, À Chacun Son Pain contributes to the culinary influence of the region and its local products. The loaves and baguettes of À Chacun Son Pain are certified organic, contributing to a balanced and healthy diet.

Discover their organic white ciabatta baguette made with TournevenT organic canola oil, now available in the bakery section of your IGA, Vive la Bouffe, Rachelle-Béry, Marché Tradition, Bonichoix, and Omni grocery stores.

Ferme Villoise

La Ferme Villoise is a company whose mission is to offer families and local restaurateurs high-quality organic meats and charcuterie. Respect is one of their core values, and they believe it is important to care for nature, animals, and the people they interact with. Their commitment is reflected in their forward-thinking practices.

Moreover, they place great importance on regional partnerships. This is why they incorporate meal cakes, by-products produced during the manufacturing of canola oil, from Ferme TournevenT into their feed. This provides a rich and balanced diet for their pigs.

Jardins Terra Terre

Jardins Terra Terre is a market gardening company specializing in the production and processing of hot peppers. Hélène Monette and Stéphane Poirier are the proud owners of this innovative enterprise. Located in Jonquière, Terra Terre's mission is to produce high-quality organic products. They manage their hot peppers from seed to sauce. After several steps, only the highest quality peppers make it into their sauces. The primary ingredients are hot peppers, which is rare and gives an incomparable colour and taste.

Jardins Terra Terre is certified organic and focuses on the transformation of hot peppers. They offer two organic hot pepper sauces, RetardaTerre and Grand-Brûlé, as well as hot pepper jelly.

To discover: organic hot pepper oil. This unique oil is a judicious blend of our first cold-pressed canola and camelina oils, gently macerated with Gorria peppers for their fruity aromatic side and Habanero peppers for the desired level of heat.

Andréanne Martin

Andréanne Martin is a dietitian-nutritionist fueled by projects that promote healthy lifestyle habits to help as many people as possible feel better daily. She has developed expertise in the field of gut microbiota and its related areas (neuronutrition & gastrointestinal health), which has enabled her to build a team of specialized nutritionists at the Andréanne Martin Clinic. An entrepreneur and mother, she leverages her preventive health expertise to support doctors, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs through training and conferences on nutrition science and the microbiota.

A web and TV columnist, co-host on Rouge FM, she is also the co-author of four best-sellers and the author of a fifth book focusing on her main area of expertise: the microbiota. Her leadership, dynamism, and diverse experiences have allowed her to develop a strategic and interdisciplinary vision, propelling several major projects, including the JONA microbiota analysis.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to learn more about your "second brain" and its enormous impact on your overall health.