From our terroir to your table

Sowing, cultivating, harvesting, sorting, and processing—this is the DNA of TournevenT. Our products bear the TournevenT signature: they are the result of organic farming and sustainable practices.

As both producer and processor, we guarantee the traceability of our products, which benefit from the unique attributes of our boreal region.

Field expertise

We cultivate 580 hectares under organic management (without chemical fertilizers or pesticides). We practice responsible agriculture, and our field expertise includes adopting regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Grain cleaning center

We have built a grain cleaning centre to achieve maximum purity. This allows us to sort and select the best grains, ensuring optimal quality for our products.

A first oil mill in the region

Our oil mill is the first in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and one of the few in Quebec. We produce oils with a low carbon footprint and exceptional local flavour.

How are our oils made?

TournevenT organic virgin oil is first cold-pressed using an artisanal manufacturing process that requires no additional ingredients. This means the extraction process from the grains we cultivate is done mechanically at our oil mill, either through a first cold press or cold extraction. This chemical-free manufacturing process preserves all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the grains. To produce one litre of oil, between 2 and 14 kilograms of raw material are required, depending on the type of grain.