Organic brown flax


TournevenT's organic brown flax seeds are a source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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Nutritional elements:

  • Lipids (Omega-3)
  • Iron
  • Fibers


Flaxseeds are a source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Ground, they help reduce blood cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

The ideal is to buy whole flax seeds and grind them gradually using a coffee grinder, spice grinder or mortar.


2 tbsp. tablespoons/day will provide you with 40% of the amount required to help lower bad cholesterol. Sprinkle ground flax seeds over yogurt, fruit compote. Mix a spoonful into your juice, smoothies, hot or cold cereals, and salads. Add ground flaxseed to breadcrumbs to bread fish, shrimp or chicken. Camouflage operation guaranteed… and delicious!


Whole, they can be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light, for 1 year. Once ground, they keep in the refrigerator for about a month, in an opaque, airtight container.

Eco-responsible bag:

The bags are recyclable.