Organic garlic


Grown in the boreal soil, TournevenT organic garlic is of superior quality. Available year-round or until the harvest is exhausted.


Quebec garlic is better! Harvested in August, it lasts longer without sprouting since it hasn't travelled through various temperatures. TournevenT organic garlic is said to be of superior quality; the boreal climate where it's grown gives it an exceptional flavour.

In addition to enhancing the flavours of various meals, there are many health benefits associated with consuming garlic. Garlic contains allicin, an antioxidant compound, which improves cardiovascular health, reduces inflammation, and acts as an antibacterial agent.


Raw, cooked, dried, crushed, or roasted… This white "pearl" is an essential ingredient in many recipes. Our garlic has more flavour: you need less of it to enhance a dish.


Store garlic at room temperature, in a dry and well-ventilated place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, ideally in a brown paper bag or mesh bag.

Stock up: Garlic can be frozen! To do this, remove the outer peel of the garlic and freeze the cloves on a baking sheet before packing them.