Organic garlic scape


Our organic garlic scapes are available in season or until the harvest is exhausted. Easy to digest, they don't cause bad breath. Available from July to September.


Our organic garlic scapes are grown in the boreal zone, giving them exceptional flavour and superior quality. The garlic scape is the main stem that grows from a garlic bulb in the ground, curling to eventually form the garlic flower. The harvesting period for this stem is quite short, from mid-July to mid-August.

Rich in vitamins and chlorophyll, garlic scapes help prevent osteoarthritis. They cleanse and oxygenate the liver while being an ally in cancer prevention.


Raw: Replaces fresh garlic or green onion.

Transformed: A true delight in pesto or for seasoning sauces and marinades.

Cooked: Tender and flavorful, they can be cooked like green beans or asparagus.


Store in the fridge for one month, in a perforated plastic bag.

Freezes for up to a year in the freezer.

Stock up: Chop the garlic scapes and put them in ice cube trays; add canola oil, then place in the freezer until the oil solidifies. Remove the cubes and store them in a freezer bag/container. Season your soups, sauces, and marinades with one or two cubes.